Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beacon - Poem

~ This is a poem I wrote way back in 2011. I'm hoping to include this in a future poetry chapbook.

The damp air hung around our shoulders
like a freshly wrung cotton sweater.
The blue sky streaked silver halos
above our heads as the scent of rain
dispersed itself on our bodies.
You wrapped your arms around me
as an angel would with heavy wings.
I waited for a fog that never appeared,
anticipating a trespass into some netherworld
only read in books or dreamed about
in rapid streams of unconsciousness.
The white sail of a boat caught my eye
and I wondered what light house
had bid the boat farewell to continue on
and drift safely through salt clouds and mist.
I felt the pull of voices chanting in the reeds.
The glint of coins beneath the water.
But there was nowhere or no one to lay claim
as we were merely ghosts of ourselves,
floating in limbo towards any beacon of light.

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