Sunday, March 12, 2017

Goodreads Lesson Learned

~ Since joining Goodreads, I've been enjoying the site.  It's definitely a great place for book lovers to catalog the books they read and add new books to their shelves and authors to connect and make new friends.  After I published The Rosegiver, I started to feel as though the name I was using for poetry wasn't connecting well with the horror fan side of me. Like other people, I have interests in different genres and I want the name to connect with whatever genre I'm using. 

So, I deleted my Goodreads account, thinking I would create another account using an appropriate pen name. Little did I know, it would cause so many logistical problems and also, all the reviews that I'd received for The Rosegiver on Amazon would disappear since I'd have to delete that book and publish a second edition of the book with a new author name.  My great idea turned into a nightmare and so I deleted the pen name account and recreated my Goodreads account using my original name. After all that, I soon realized that every single book review and rating that I'd given to a book was gone and there was no way to recover it! Ever since, I've been trying to re-do all the ratings I gave to books I read. Luckily, I was also posting most of my book reviews on this blog. Still, that's a lot of work.

Long story short, think long and hard before deleting your Goodreads account, because all of your book ratings and reviews will go bye-bye.  If I decide to use a pen name for my horror stuff, then I'll create a separate account for that one (sigh).

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