Monday, June 22, 2015

Flaming June Poem

Flaming June
(an interpretation of Lord 
Frederic Leighton's painting)  

The sun watches you 
from the top balcony
admires the way your long, 
auburn tresses resemble flames 
burning around your dreams 

falling, floating, swirling, 

vivid as the dusk
holding secrets in its

Your pale body 
delicately swarthed 
in layers
of orange rose petals
each scented with words of
love and hope
every touch of your hand
a love note 

The patient sea 
waits for you
to recite your sonnets
enamored waves dance 
at the sound of your voice
an instrument only the Gods
could have bestowed
sweet as ambrosia 

White marble 
kiss your feet
promise to hold you up
when you are feeling down
cool your temper 
when you have been lit
by passion's ire 

But tonight 
you will sleep in peace
in the soft light 
of your intrepid heart
you will always have respite 
in your dreams 

~ Sept 06 ~

Published in Beauty/Truth: A Journal of Ekphrastic Poetry, Fall/Winter 2007 

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